Silverpure products are natural, soothing skin creams and skin salves that are specially infused with "ultra-high purity" elemental silver nanoparticles (nanosilver). Our skin creams are all natural and do not contain harsh, man-made or synthetic chemicals.  We use quality food grade mineral oil, organic coconut oil, organic almond oils, organic jojoba wax and natural beeswax in our products to produce soothing creams and salves.  

Real silver nanoparticles are ONLY present in their natural, "metallic" state and not their chemical compound or "ionic" state. It's the same form of SILVER METAL that's been in silverware and jewelry for thousands of years.  Each jar of Silverpure Skin Cream contains billions of individual particles of silver that are in their nanosized state.  Pure silver nanopaticle clusters look like extremely fine light gray dust.  Our products do not contain any silver ions or any harsh silver chemical compounds.  Colloidal silver products are similar to Silverpure products, but colloidal silver don't contain as much silver.  We are using some new groundbreaking nanotechnology to produce an exceptional and unique nanosilver skin product!  

 You get more than 1,000 times more valuable nanosilver with Silverpure than with most other colloidal silver skin gels!  Nanosilver particles are made from genuine silver metal. 

Here's how: Most all colloidal silver skin GELS on the market today, contain an average 10-30 ppm of silver concentration (the amount of silver present).  Our skin products contain a 10,000 to 35,000 ppm of concentrated genuine nano silver at a purity of .9999+ in fineness!  That's more than 1,000 times more real silver for your money!  Think about it. 


Ask the manufacturer how much silver is contained in their products?  Compare to Silverpure...GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH!


   FDA Statement

We are a "cosmetic" product and we cannot make therapeutic claims about our products.  Our products are intended to soothe, moisturize, hydrate, beautify and promote healthy skin.  SilverPure products have not been approved by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. SilverPure makes no claim or promises as to the health benefits of our skin products. All research information about the history of silver and silver nanoparticles is provided as a courtesy to our customers.  Consequences of topical use of our products are the sole responsibility of the customer. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. or call 260-255-4280


Information about the topical use of silver nanoparticles on the skin is available with a quick Google search.

 KEYWORDS TO SEARCH: "silver nanoparticles" "nanosilver" and "skin cream"