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Our creams and salves are produced utilizing high quality organic products and are of superb quality. Silverpure products are natural, soothing creams and salves that are infused with ultra-high purity nanosilver particles. Our skin creams contain no harsh, manmade or synthetic chemicals. We use high-grade mineral oil, organic Jojoba and Almond oils, natural beeswax and other natural antioxidants in our base emollients and ointments. 

By federal law, we can not make any therapeutic claims about our skin products, but we can educate you about the high quality and ultra-high purity of the nanosilver we manufacture for use in out products. 

We have the answer!

We start our nanosilver manufacturing process with an incoming supply of silver that is .999+ fine in purity and through the silver nanoparticle manufacturing process, improve the purity of the silver to "ultra-high” purity levels of .9999+ and higher in fineness. The purity and particle size of the silver is of the utmost importance in the products effectiveness. You could think of the particles as "fine as dust" consistency, but actually particles are thousands of times smaller than some common dusts.   

We understand that it sounds pretty unconventional to rub silver metal on your skin. All this unfamiliar information about the uses of nanosilver and applying it to the skin sounds at bit overwhelming, but there is an amazing connection between the two.  

Our creams and salves are light gray color.  The natural light gray coloration is characteristic of the silver particles suspended jun our skin cream emollients.  While Silverpure products are light gray in the containers, a thin film rubbed on the skin becomes clear.  There are no pungent or strong odors with Silverpure. 

It’s a completely different approach to the standard conventional methods that exist today. But, new advancement and breakthroughs in nanoparticle technologies are showing great success and producing some very promising results.  We are considered a "cosmetic product" and our products are intended to hydrate, moisturize and beautify the skin.  We cannot make any therapeutic claims.  We suggest that you do some of your own research on the "Google" search engine about silver.  Search the terms "nanosilver" or "silver nanoparticles" to find out more information about this amazing 3,000 year old, tried and proven, natural miracle!  We use nanosilver, as natures most perfect germ fighter, as a preservative in our products.


 Silverpure...more than 1,000 times more powerful than standard 

Colloidal Silver Skin Gels on the market in concentrations of 10-20ppm!


What is the difference between the 10,000 ppm and the 35,000 ppm skin cream formulas?

 We have produced silver skin products in various strengths for a variety of various skin conditions since 1997. Our 10,000 ppm skin creams contain genuine silver particles at a net weight of 1% (1% silver and 99% natural skin cream). The 35,000 ppm skin cream contains 3-1/2% of its net weight in genuine silver particles. Both formulas contain the exact same silver particles, but in different quantities for each individual product.



 FDA Statement

SilverPure products have not been tested or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. SilverPure products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. SilverPure makes no claim or promises as to the health benefits of its skin products. All research information about silver and silver crystalline nanoparticles is provided as a courtesy to our customers. Consequences of topical use of our products are the sole responsibility of the customer. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Silverpure is an "absolute must" as an addition to any emergency or survival bag!

 It’s concentrated and extremely potent and powerful! 


The History and Future of Silver in skin care

Silver has been used by billions of people, for thousands of years as a disinfectant and germ fighter. Ancient civilizations used silver to preserve wine and foods from spoiling. The American western Cowboy used to keep silver coins in his canteen to keep water fresh.

 Recent groundbreaking discoveries are being made with silver particles throughout the world. For example, their ability of silver nanoparticles to kill virtually any virus was discovered in 2005 by the University of Texas and New Mexico University. Universities and research facilities throughout the world are discovering silver's important role in healing and its natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.  Silverpure particles are completely elemental and non-ionic.  They do their job by oxidizing to silver oxide when applied to the skin.  Elemental silver nanoparticles and silver nanoclusters in Silverpure creams and salves continue to give off silver oxide and other ionic silver compounds as they naturally oxidize.  Think of the silver oxide as the tarnish you get when real silver items eventually oxidize.  There is an abundant amount of information available about silver nanoparticles and nanosilver on Google.  You are looking at the future in skin care!


Interesting facts about Silverpure products:

 What does the term ppm mean?    1 ppm = one part per million.

For example: 1 ppm = 1 part and 999,999 parts to make one million parts.

In our case, it’s a measure of weight and silver particle concentration. 35,000 ppm means 35,000 parts out of one million parts are pure silver or 3-1/2% of the net weight of the cream or salve is actual silver metal.

"Nanosilver" and "Silver Nanoparticles" are the same thing.  Just two different names.

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